Sharing: First Winter Break

Joanna and I went to Macau by bus from our school on Jan 21. Sr. Annie picked us up at the border including giving the Macau bus card and accompanied us to the hotel for Joanna. As it’s my second time to Macau and first time for Joanna, so it’s like a blind leading another blind when we were on our way to A-Ma Temple Coloane. Finally, we realized that there are two A-Ma Temple that’s why we got two opinions regarding the bus. My sisters invited her to have a Portugese fish as she wished but she finally chose a wonton noodle.
Sr. Arlene and I visited Trappistine Sisters at Penha Hill. They are coming from Trappistine Sisters Gedono
After attending Sunday mass at Our Lady of Fatima, Sr. Annie and I joined the calligraphy class, went around a park nearby and visited an elderly woman.
Upon arriving Hong Kong, I applied for renewal of my passport. It finished in 3 working days. Then, I applied for Hong Kong working visa extension. I got two years. Thank s be to God.
I attended funeral mass at St. Stephen Catholic Church and memorial mass for Sr. Dorothy Rubner, MM, and also go to the wake at Funeral Parlour twice in black suit as it’s a customs for the Chinese to go to wake and funeral in non-red cloth. Here is the link about Chinese Funeral
Sr. Joanna gave a complimentary ticket to watch the play “The Empress of China” at Hong Kong Repertory Theatre I attended an English charismatic praise and worship the Feast!/profile.php?id=100001638765283 at Tung Chung.
After mass at St. Theresa’s Church on the night before Lunar New Year, Ai Lusia-Christ-Sylvia-Nico-William invited for supper. I also attended a gathering with several Indonesians and had lunch with my extended family in Hong Kong several days later. My last Lunar New Year celebration was with Maryknoll Sisters, Fathers and Brothers. Here is the link about Chinese New Year
Sr. Agnes and I went to Noah’s Ark and made our Chinese New Year card from a paper cut sticker. Sr. Louise and I went to Happy Valley cemetery and Stanley. I also went to Wong Tai Sin Temple.
My sisters and I had a FUTURING workshop for three days to explore how our past has shaped our present and informs our future.
I visited my sisters in Yuen Long and Ho Man Tin, Lo Wu correctional institution, Monty and Vincent. Fr. John, Rita-Sugi-Celina-Ira-Julian, Sharon-Hubert, and ai Suen-ai Yen invited for meal.
I gave a reflection on “Doa” (=Prayer) at Indonesian Prayer Group. My prayer ministry is still going on, either over the phone or face to face.
I went back to Guangzhou to register the second semester on Feb 16-17. Fei gave her friend registration’s number so I could finish it in one day.
Next week Feb 28, 2010 will be my one year in China region. I can easily go to Hong Kong. I have part time ministry with the Indonesians. I started my Mandarin study in Guangzhou. I am experiencing “give and you shall receive” more than I imagine (cf. Ef 3: 20: Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us). And, I am ready to start my second semester of Mandarin study.
Thank you very much for your hospitality, love, support, gifts, red envelopes and especially your prayers. May God continue to bless your missionary journey.
There is nothing more astonishing than life, just as it is, nothing more miraculous than growth and change, just as revealed to us. And as happens so often when we stop to regard God’s work, there is nothing to do but wonder and thank God.
(Mother Mary Joseph, 1936).
Kowloon Tong-Hong Kong, February 22, 2011
Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
Let’s do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible