Sharing: Where will I be a minister?

              As I was getting closer to be graduated from language study in June 2012, I received more questions related with where will I be a minister.  I wanted to meet the expectations as a sister in mission phase who are studying Putonghua but I didn’t know how to make it possible so I only could pray that “I leave it on Your lap, God”.  And God showed me the way to find Holy Family Chapel in Luo Hu-Shenzhen in the end of August 2012 so I started to go regularly every week.  Here is the link about it:
            After looking around several possibilities in Hong Kong, finally I settled with my part time ministry in Hong Kong starting January 2013.
            I continue my prison ministry whenever I am in Hong Kong after the language study as I am a member of Prisoners' Friends' Association ( since 2010.  I visit inmates once till fourth times per month depend on my schedule and the interview room aviability.  Here is the link about my prison ministry:
            As I want to continue my prayer ministry, I open a prayer line through telephone and yahoo messenger on Wednesdays but no response yet besides I should go for my prison ministry.  I will continue to do it based on request.
            Pathfinders ( needs volunteers as Indonesian translators so I offer to do it on Thursdays.  I used to attend several of their English sessions in 2010.  They were looking for three volunteers to be trained as leaders for a financial literacy program together with their three ambassador clients starting January 2013.  Holy coincidencely, the ambassador training will be held on Thursdays and Saturdays while the community training will be held on Thursdays so it fits my schedule.  As leaders, we will help their three ambassador clients to give community training for three runs starting April 2013.
            After several conversations with Fr. Brian, I will help to bring groups for trainings or seminars and also become a support person for his programs starting January 2013.
            I also continue my language study by having a tutorial two hours a week with Ms. Sharon, who is the nephew in-law of Sr. Joan Ling.
            Besides looking for part time ministry possibilities in Hong Kong, I had several different activities for the last six months: free two weeks language study at Dr. Sun Yat-sen University; staying with sisters in Macau, Shamian-Guangzhou and Jiangmen; preparing the renewal of vows ceremony; attending Summer Camp in Guangzhou, Annual General Assembly of MCS Secondary Section Parent-Teacher Association,
All Saints Day Mass at MCS Secondary Section, and the 40th Anniversary of Students’ Centre of Hong Kong Blind Union; going for outing with the Indonesians to Macau, vacation to Haikou, Prison Walk, Pink Walk; visiting two cemeteries on All Soul Days, applying China visa; having medical check up and Hepatitis B vaccination, enjoying the visit of several sisters and friends from mainland, Taiwan, Rome, New York, Mexico, and Indonesia besides our Centennial Thanksgiving Mass and Pilgrimage.  I uploaded several article related to the above activities in my blog.        
            As I reflect on my journey in looking for ministry, I am more convinced that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” [Ecclesiastes 3:1] and God accomplished abundantly far more than all I can ask or imagine (Ef 3: 20).  

Hong Kong, January 17, 2013

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
Let’s  do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible