Sharing: The Third Youth Gathering at Holy Family Church

With the help of several volunteers, I organized the third youth gathering at Holy Family Church on September 20.  The theme was “Love, Sex, Life and I” and was attended by more than 40 youth from different Churches in Shenzhen including the volunteers.  The Shenzhen Youth Catholic chat group, which was formed after the first youth gathering at Holy Family Church, helped to spread the news as it has more than 220 members from Shenzhen and neighboring cities. 
The registration was begun at 9:30 a.m., several youths attended the morning Mass then two of them helped to clean the Church.   While waiting the gathering, we showed the pictures from the second youth gathering, which was compiled by Ms. Lin.  She also prepared the PPT of the flow of the morning gathering.  Fr. Lu delivered his welcoming speech after teaching the action of the song “爱使我们相聚在一起“ (=Love make us want to be together).  He led us to sing “爱使我们相聚在一起 “ as our opening prayer.   Here is the link of the video:

With the help of several participants by asking them to read part of the presentation, I delivered the presentation “Love, Sex, Life and I,”  including showing “The Most Precious Gift” and the movie “The Process of Conception and Embrionic Development” (, which was added with the voice of my tutor Ms. Sharon explaining the process according to  The presentation was part of the presentations prepared by The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advistory Council and Hong Kong Diocesan Pastoral Commission for Marriage and the Family.
After the presentation, we went to Dong Hu Park followed by potluck lunch.  Ms. Ye led the ice breaking and the game “Do you love me?”  Ms. Liang led the small group discussion after telling the story of the movie “Bella” which was shown last August 30, followed by group discussion led by Mr. Wu.  Everyone on the group should introduce himself/herself before presenting the small group discussion.  Mr. Liu led the evaluation, followed by game led by Mr. Dai and Ms. Luo.  Fr. Lu and I summarized the gathering before the praise and worship and dinner in small group.
Several youth attended the anticipated Sunday Mass by sitting together on the front rows, several youth were volunteering for the Mass, and several youth went home especially the ones from other Churches.  All the small group sharing was paste to the cross and brought forward during the offering of the Mass.
Most of the participants wrote“很好“(=very good) and”非常好” (=great) on the evaluation and wish to have more youth gatherings because they can meet more youth, learn and share about faith. 

Hong  Kong, September 26, 2014

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
Let’s do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible

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