Sharing: The Second Volunteer Training of Holy Family Church

Almost 20 volunteers attended the second volunteer training of Holy Family Church on November 8 after Sunday Morning Mass.  Fr. Lu taught the song “请你告诉我该如何爱你“(Qing Ni Gao Su Wo Gai Ru He Ai Ni=Please tell me how should I love You.  Fr. Lu gave the welcome note and led the opening prayer by sing 请你告诉我该如何爱你
I started the training by showing part of the first training survey result and then gave presentation on “How to build together Holy Family Church?”   I edited part of presentation on “How to build a Parish together with Parishioners” and “The Duty of a Catholics” by Ms. Yang Yu Lian for a Parish Management workshop in Maryknoll Stanley House Hong Kong.   As usual, I asked the participants to read part of the presentation.
After lunch, we watched the washing of the feet ceremony by Pope Francis while listening to John 13: 1-15 and then washed the next person’s feet and also pray for her/him followed by a quiet reflection.  There was small group sharing and report to the whole group.  

 Fr. Lu gave the summary and gave a blessing.   Two of them brought forward the drawing of small group sharing as one of the offering at the anticipated Sunday Mass.  Several volunteers were volunteering for the Mass while the rest went home.
Three participants will give presentation on “How to build together Holy Family Church” in three different Masses on the following week end.
Here is the link of the pictures:

Hong Kong, November 12, 2015

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.

Let’s do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible

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