Information: Religious Movies

(Updated on Feb 19, 2020)

36. Babette's Feast (1987)
34. Ben-Hur (1959)
33. Monsieur Vincent (1947)
31. Therese (1986)
30. Francesco (1989)
29. Padre Pio
28. There be Dragons
27. Bella (2006)
26. War Room 2015)
25. Courage (2011)
24. Fireproof (2008)
23. The Way(2010)
   St. James feast day: Jul 25
22. Into Great Silence 2005)
21. Of Gods and Men(2010)
Feast day of Martyrs of Algeria: May 8
20. Paul, Apostle of Christ 2018)
Feast day of St. Paul the Aposle: Jan 25, Jun 29
19. Karol: A Man Who Become Pope  2006)
Feast day of St. John Paul II: Oct 22
18. Becket 1964)
Feast day of Thomas Becket: Dec 29
17. Mary, Mother of Jesus 1999)
16. San Giuseppe Moscati:L'amore che guarisce 2007)
Feast day of St. Giuseppe Moscati: Nov 16
15. Brother Sun, Sister Moon 1972)
Feast day of St. Francis Asisi: Oct 4
14. Calvary 2014)
13. The Mission 1986)
12. A Man For All Seasons 1966
Feast day of St. Thomas More: Jun 22
11. The Scarlet and the Black 1983
10. The Rite 2011)
9. The Song of Bernadette 1943)
Feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes:  Feb 11
Feast day of St. Bernadette: April 16
8. Doubt 2006)
7. Romero 1989)
Feast day of St. Oscar Romero: Mar 24
6. Silence 2016)
5. Unplanned (2019)
4. For Greater Glory (2012)
Feast day of St. Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio: Feb 10
3. Molokai: The Story of Father Damien (1999)
Feast day of St. Damien of Molokai: May 10
2. Nacho Libre 2006)
1. The Passion of The Christ 2004)

Sharing: Ministry without Border

      Several days before Lunar New Year, one of the youth volunteers suggested me not to go to Shenzhen because their Hong Kong based employees weren’t allowed to go to Shenzhen due to Covid-19 outbreak. I said I would wait till Jan 24.  There was an  announcement that all Masses in Shenzhen is stopped starting Jan 24 so I decided not to go to Shenzhen.
Several days later Mrs. Liu, the coordinator of Luo Hu Hospital Volunteers, called me to ask to help at the supermarket to check the body temperature of the customers etc.  Our community agree that I go to Shenzhen to volunteer but the following day, there was a news that the border maybe closed so one of our sisters suggested me not to go to Shenzhen.    Mrs. Liu asked me twice when will I return to Shenzhen.  She knows that I can arrange time to do voluntary work but she didn’t know my state of life.
Since then I am providing information for Holy Family public domain and sharing it to my group chatting.   The coordinator of our public domain is very helpful if I need Chinese translation.  I join more than 158 group chatting with more than 53.900 members.
We published a post about the closing of the Church and the outbreak: the situation, how to take care of ourselves and several prayers on Holy Family Church public domain:  Unfortunately, it’s deleted unintentionally so we only can see the total reader from the re-post.
As the Churches are closed, I asked two pastors in Hong Kong about live streaming their Mandarin Mass but they need to check about it.  There is a Putonghua Masses livestream but it’s not public so I can’t share it to my group chatting.  I got the link of Putonghua Masses livestream on Feb 16 morning so then I forwarded to my group chatting.  I planned to forward the link to my group chatting only for Sunday Masses but then the following morning I saw the link before the Mass began so I forwarded to my group chatting.  There are priests who are not really agree on it but several group chatting are asking about it so I continue to forward the link.  There are morning prayer, morning Mass and evening Mass for the first days but then only evening Mass is available as more people are starting to work.  More than 20.000 people watching for Morning Masses and more than 30.000 people watching the evening Masses and the number is growing.  Here is the link:

The Lowu border, which I usually go, was closed since February 4.   There is a 14-day mandatory quarantine on all the people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland since February 7.  There is still more outbreak patients in  Hong Kong, the mask and other necessity is still not easy to get but we still have enough.  One alumnae of MCS donated a bag of rice and one of Catholics nearby donated a box of mask.  I am growing hydroponic vegetables.  There are still many fresh food in the market.  
Let’s continue to pray together for the ending of the Covid-19 outbreak.  It’s heartbroken to see the struggles of the people both ill and healthy in facing this outbreak as it’s also hit their financial situation.  St. Roch, pray for us, that we may be relieved from all diseases of body and soul.

Hong Kong, Feb 21, 2020

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
Let’s help each other to live less waste living for a better world.

February 24, 2020
There are at least 4 Churches use Teng Xun Kai Hui to do live stream Mass including Holy Family Church.  

Total participants for Jing Chang Zhi Bo Mass on Feb 23 evening was more than 100.000.

Christmas Letter 2019

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
First of all, I want to wish all of you:

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

May the spirit of the Christmas bless your home
with peace, joy, love and good health!

How was your Christmas celebration? 
As for me, I spent Christmas at Holy Family Church Shenzhen as you can read below. 
I left for Shenzhen on Dec 21, 2017 and attended the Fourth Sunday of Advent anticipated Mass besides the morning Mass the next day.  
There were around 600 people for the 7.30 p.m. Mass inside the Church and hundreds people were watching through the big television on the outside ground.  There were around 450 people for 11.00 p.m. Mass.  Several of them are neither Catholics nor attend Mass regularly. After the first Mass, there was a procession of the Infant Jesus statue from ground floor to the manger followed by prayer time in front of the manger for the parishioners.  Santa Claus threw away candies after 11:00 p.m. Mass.  The religious articles store was moved to the ground floor to have bigger space.  Several volunteers were in charge to receive donation because our monthly collection is not enough to cover the monthly rental fee.  
     There were more than 500 people for Christmas Day Morning Mass.  Mr. Zhang invited Fr. Lu, several parishioners and I for lunch. It’s not a public holiday.   I went back to Hong Kong to attend Indonesian Catholic Community in Hong Kong Christmas celebration at Christ the King Chapel after lunch.
I went to Luo Hu hospital to do voluntary work and attended the annual gathering on Dec 26, 2019 then went back to Hong Kong for Maryknoll China Region Christmas celebration on Dec 27, 2019.  There were sacrament of matrimony for two couples on Dec 28, 2019 morning so I went back to Shenzhen again.  
Holy Family Feast Day Mass was celebrated on Dec 29, 2019 afternoon.  Two couples renewed their marriage vows.  The Church was full.  There was a banquet after the Mass for all the guests from other Churches and our volunteers.   
I attended the Mother of God Feast Day in Mother of God Church Shenzhen after doing voluntary work at Shenzhen the Third Peoples Hospital on Jan 1, 2020.
  I still continue my cyber ministry through group chat and blog.  Total members of the single Catholic group chatting is more than 350 members in three groups, who are living in several cities.  I am still uploading my missionary journey on my blog and the page views of my blog reached more than 221,000
      With the help of several donors, I help several needy people through two local NGO.
While in Hong Kong, I am still visiting the inmates in Tailam Center for Women.  I attended  the certificate presentation to the inmates at Shek Pik Prison.  
     Here were my several activities after Easter 2019: CICM Diaconate ordination, gathering of retired staffs of Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital (, Mentorship and Graduation Mass of Maryknoll Convent School, trip to Beijing, Pastoral Sisters Meeting, Memorial Mass for the Servant of God Fr. Frederick Price, MM and Sr. Corinne Rost, MM, a 13 weeks course on The Biblical Vision of the Human Person , Renewal Vows of Sr. Esther, Indonesian Independence Day Celebration, Annual General Meeting of Catholic Religious School Council (, Maryknoll Medical Welfare Association Bazaar and Games Day (, Wo Foo Christmas Party (, Maryknoll Sisters Asia Pasific World Section Meeting in Japan,  outing with Indonesian Catholic Community and New Missionaries, several talks besides enjoying the visit of Kim Anh, Mariza etc.
And, last but not least, I want to thank you for all your support, love, hospitality, gifts and especially your prayers during this year.  Its a special year for me as God opened up the way to serve more Putonghua speaking people.
Hong Kong, January 3, 2020
With love and prayer,

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
Let’s do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible