Sharing: Book Launching "Kasih Sahabat"

It's my collaborative book with Fr. Lukas Batmomolin, SVD. It's about friendship that has its origin in God's relationship with us through Jesus; and how we live this friendship among us. I contribute with my own life's sharing to the reflection based on Jesus' experience of suffering and resurrection.
Fr. Lukas did the final editing as I already went home and couldn't have access to the internet easily. The book was published by Yayasan Pustaka Nusatama in January 2010.
Fr. Lukas and I agreed on the date of the book launching on Feb 21, 2010 for this was the only available Sunday for both of us, since Fr. Lukas arrived from Chicago on Feb 11, 2010 and I would have to leave for Hong Kong on Feb 28, 2010.
We are very grateful to Fr. Sarto Mitakda, SVD and Fr. Dominikus Kefi, SVD, together with the Youth group of the St. John the Baptist Church, Wonokromo, Surabaya as the organizer of the book launching. Fr. Armada Riyanto, CM, the speaker, and I attended the preparatory meeting on Feb 17, 2010. I asked for pink and blue colors for the decoration.
I shared my vocation story and mission of Maryknoll Sisters at the Mass concelebrated by Fr. Armada, CM, Fr. Sarto, SVD and Fr. Lukas, SVD at St. John the Baptist Church on Feb 21, 2010 prior to the launching.
There were around 30 people attending the event at SDK St. Joseph, Surabaya. Ochie and Shandy were the MCs. Fr. Sarto, SVD gave an opening talk and led the opening prayer. There was a video presentation entitled "My True Friend" after reading the curriculum vitae of Fr. Lukas and myself.
Prof. Dr. E. Armada Riyanto, CM, rector of Widya Sasana College of Philosophy and Theology-Malang gave the presentation about the book. He underlined the fact that the book is rich in reflections and experiences about Jesus as the model of friendship and ourselves as His friends. The book is written in the spirit of prayer and reflection enriched by real life experience. He also emphasized that the book can be read from whatever page, from the beginning, as from the middle or at the end as well.
There were several questions following the presentation and a wish to Fr. Armada, Fr. Lukas and I to publish a book about friendship for the wider community.
Fr. Lukas and I gave a book to Ms. Erna as the principal of SDK St. Joseph, and Fr. Armada gave a book to one of the participants Mrs. Misnah.
The MCs invited to sing one of my favourite songs "JanjiMu Seperti Fajar" ( I led the closing prayer and Fr. Lukas closed with the blessing.
There was book signing by Fr. Lukas and myself. Everybody received a book as a gift from us to appreciate their presence.
The book can be bought at the following book stores: OBOR Jakarta, Dioma Malang, Varia Santa Surabaya, Rhema Surabaya, Gunung Agung and Karisma. Any comments about the book can be sent to Here is the link of the video:
Many thanks to Fr. Sarto, SVD, Fr. Domi, SVD, Fr. Armada, CM, the youth group of St. John the Baptist Church, SDK St. Joseph, Hero Art Studio, Ninik, cik Fanny, Anton, and all participants for attending this book launching.
Hong Kong, March 11, 2010

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
Let's do simple things with simple love to make God's love visible