Sharing: In Memory of Sr. Joan Ling, MM

Sr. Maureen sent an email on Oct 29 that Sr. Joan Ling was hospitalized since Oct 26 due to renal failure. The next morning around 9.00 a.m., Sr. Joseph Lourdes called and asked to pray as Sr. Joan Ling got a stroke on Oct 29 night. I prayed for her to ask the grace to let go and let God to control her life before going to watch our “ti jian” competition on the courtyard near our dormitory. After watching the competition, around 11.30 a.m., I wanted to pray for her over the phone but Sr. Joan Ling’s cellphone was not active and the telephone of Boundary was busy. Finally, I called Sr. Maureen’s cellphone and received the news that Sr. Joan Ling passed away on 9.32 a.m.
I met Sr. Joan Ling first time at Maryknoll Sisters Center last summer 2009. Sr. Betty Ann and she gave a very good presentation about China region as part of our discernment process. Later on, I had lunch with her and she gave a pink bracelet, which I still wear now, for my birthday.
Living around four months with her in Boundary was a short time but it gave me an impression of her quietness as I read the emails from our sisters. I was in tears when I read email from Sr. Ann Hayden about her.
I had a long conversation with her about Church in China including her experience in going back for the first time after the opening of China. I think she did quietly what she thought it should be done including cutting the watermelon on weekend or planning to cook a vegetable dish for my father’s memorial mass. Once, she consoled me by suggesting not to be worry for somebody else attitude. She also said that I will be fine with the Mandarin.
I was moved when we walked quietly on our way to visit her friend in a nursing home at Yau Ma Tei. We planned to take pictures of her ministry as the request of Sr. Dolores Geier.
We planned to see the dragon boat race but she should go to mainland China so she asked Sharon to accompany me to see it.
When I asked what she wanted for her feastday last May, she said she wanted nothing. Finally, I decided to cook fried noodle as noodle is a Chinese birthday tradition. It’s a simple quiet celebration.
May you rest in peace, Sr. Joan Ling. It’s a blessing to live with you even in a short time and in your quietness.

Guangzhou, Nov 7, 2010

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
Let’s do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible

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