Sharing: The Last Month of Summer Break

As I waited for boarding at Jakarta airport, I met two guys from Hong Kong and Guangzhou so we had a conversation in English and Mandarin during the trip, one of them told me about Qin Shi Huang the first Emperor in China
I brought my old writing in the early 1990 from home so I started to re-type and upload it in my blog. I think it’s still worth reading besides it’s also broadened the content of my blog.
During my stay with my sisters in King’s Park convent, I had a surgery to remove an impacted wisdom teeth so I was resting as per doctor’s suggestion. Thank’s God I didn’t feel painful so I didn’t have to take the pink pain killer pills from the doctor even though it’s little bit swollen for a week. I continued to read “Dalam Bimbingan Santo Vinsensius” (=In the guidance of St. Vincent de Paul).
During the Indonesian Mass on August 21, 2011 at Christ the King Chapel, I shared my vocation journey. I was moved when I said “I realize that how little I can do in service to the universal mission of the Church but how big I am encouraged to keep move forward because mission is not just a matter of doing things for people, it is first of all a matter of being with people, of listening to, sharing and praying with them,” so I should stop in the middle of my sentence. Later on, I was moved again when Ross gave a support to continue my religious journey through facebook and then I was in tears as I felt I couldn’t hold the differences in love and prayer. The next morning, I saw a rainbow on my way to St. Jerome’s Church. Rainbow is a sign that God keeps his promise (to be with me always, to the very end of the age). What a consolation!
While staying with my sisters at Hung Shui Kiu, I attended the farewell party of Fr. Memo, MG and also had lunch with his community as he would go back to Mexico.
Sr. Helen’s friend invited us to join a boating trip from Tsim Sha Tsui Pier to have lunch at Lamma Island and then went to Repulse Bay. I also attended Sr. Helen’s 80th birthday party held by Keswick Foundation
As I took a rest after walking around the compound of the Giant Budha, I met a woman whose husband passed away during their vacation in Hong Kong. I only could say that I would pray for him and the rest of the family. I also watched the Ngong Ping Shaolin Showcase.
For Sunday Masses, I had a chance to attend English Mass at St. Anne’s Church, Tung Chung Catholic Secondary Church, Mandarin Mass with traditional characters at Wah Yan College, Indonesian Mass at Catholic Center and Christ the King Chapel.
I am grateful to hear from people whom I prayed with, that God answered our prayers. God answers our prayers in God’s time for many reasons as St. Paul said in Ecclesiastes 3:1: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”
I was staying with my sisters in Macau on Sep 1 - 4. I attended a trilingual Mass: Indonesian, English, Portugese at Trappistine Community Our Lady Star of Hope, visited Ruin of St. Paul, Canossian Convent, Maritime Museum, St. Lawrence’s Church, St. Agustine’s Church, Sr. Anne’s favourite library and had supper with the choir members of St. Joseph the Worker’s Church.
My Chinese classes will begin on Sep 16, it means three months without regular classes. I am sure I forget a lot of it. For several times, I said “zhe ge” when I wanted to say “this one” or “ini.” Once, I saw θΏ™,and I forgot what character is that! Then I checked my dictionary and it’s “zhe!” I usually listen to the listening lessons through my ITouch.
Thank you very much for your warm welcome, hospitality, generosity during my last month of summer break 2011. May God continue to bless your missionary journey.

Guangzhou, Sep 6, 2011

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
Let’s do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible