Information: Links about Global Consciousness, Neuroscience and Neurotheology

(Updated on Sep 22, 2018)


(45) The 11th Hour

(44) Racing Extinction

(43) Love Thy Nature

(42) Chasing Ice

(41) Journey of the Universe

(40) Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

(39) Break the Addiction to Negative Thoughts & Emotions to Create What You Want - Dr. Joe Dispenza

(38) How To Train The Mind To Attract What You Desire!


(37) Institute of Noetic Sciences

(36) How to Instantly Tell Truth from Falsehood About Anything

(34) The Power of Now Quotes


(33)  Letting Go Quotes

(32) Dr. David Hawkins Calibrated List


(31) David R Hawkins - The Quest for Spiritual Truth


(30) How To Use The Law of Attraction Jack Canfield

(29) Points of Power - The Power/Rhonda Byrne


(28) How to Use "The Law of Attraction" For A Positive Life!


(27) How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality | Christie Marie Sheldon


(26) The Secret Full Movie

(25) What's your frequency?


(24) Universe Intelligence


(23) (Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

(22) Consciousness Science Kept Hidden


(21) The Extended Mind - Mind Beyond the Brain (Sheldrake Series #3)

(20) We Create Our Reality - Hacking Consciousness at Stanford University

(19) How Meditation Practice Reshapes the Brain

(18) How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains: Sara Lazar at TEDxCambridge 2011

(17) Meditation: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Bodhin Kjolhede at TEDxFlourCity

(16) A Neuroscientific Look at Speaking in Tongues

(15) Telepathy, global consciousness and how we humans are connected

(14) Andrew Newberg, PhD - "Neurotheology" - IRS at CHC

(13) Scott Gilbert, PhD - "Wonder and the Need for Alliances between Science and Religion" - IRS at CHC

(12) Philip Clayton, PhD - "Emergent Mind: What Brains & Cognition Tell Us About Faith" - IRS at CHC

(11) Michelle Francl, PhD - "Working at the Subtle Edge: The Intersection of Science & Religion"

More videos of The Institute for Religion and Science Chestnut Hill College:

(10) 1. God and the Brain - The Persinger God Helmet, The Brain, and visions of God.

(9) 2. Reincarnation in Human Evolution - The New Science of Darwinian Reincarnation.

(8) 3. Enlightenment, Self, and the Brain. How the brain changes with final liberation

(7) 4. Psychic Skills & Miracles - technology used for telepathy and remote viewing

(6) 5. The Sacred Body. Kundalini, Subtle bodies, Chi, Yoga, and the brain.

(5) 6. Practical neurotheology - using Neuroscience for prayer and meditation


(4) Together in the Heart     Heart Math                      

(3) Global Coherence Initiative                           

(2) The Journey to Enlightenment Deepak Chopra                           

(1)  Power of Thought - A Quantum Perspective - By Kent Healy                     

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