Sharing: 2016 Trip to Fujian

I visited my cousins in Quanzhou the last week of October 2016 by fast speed train from Shenzhen.  It’s around four and a half hour.  Five years ago, I went by bus and it took around 12-13 hours. We also visited Fr. Lin at Quanzhou Catholic Church (, several temples nearby and Mount Ming Yuan.
A young man picked me up at Fuqing train station.  I was wondering how come Fr. Chen changed so much.  Later on, I just realized that I was communicating with a former youth of Holy Family Church Shenzhen named Chen instead of Fr. Chen.  They have same first and middle names!  We visited his elder brother, who used to live in Shenzhen too, and then the three of us visited the Cathedral in Fuzhou ('s_Cathedral,_Fuzhou). Finally, I could contact Fr. Chen and he said he was out of town.  It’s a holy coincidence that I met the two lay men Chen especially the younger Chen.  I also met two youth of Fuzhou and then stayed overnight at a home-Church in Fuqing.
The younger Chen accompanied me to visit a Church with Door of Mercy and attended Mass at another Church nearby.  After lunch at the Church, we visited the Memorial Hall and tomb of Rosa Lin (Yu Chen), a Song Xia lay missioner.  We met briefly with another Fr. Chen, whom I met in Hong Kong.  The elder Chen recognized his voice on the telephone as his pastor, a small world!        

Hong Kong, November 19th, 2016

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
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