Sharing: I Learn

I learn that my relationship with God grows through many simple experiences: in consolation after a simple prayer (e.g. in facing the unpredicted weather and having good community); the coincidence of getting pink stuffs coincidencely (e.g. getting pink bunny toy during egg hunting after our easter supper); in peaceful days, and rarely sick even in the worst winter of Chicago.
I learn to manage my time during the day through setting aside a certain time for Jesus prayer in the morning.
I learn to appreciate religious persons who are in habit amidst “an increasingly secular and materialistic culture” (homily of Pope Benedict XVI at Washington Nationals Stadium). This happened when I remembered Sr. Marie Virginia, OP who was impressed when I said “God prepares all the way”, although, I still love my own pink habit.
I learn about the uniqueness of each sister in my community such as personality, talents, the way to cook even in cooking fried rice and the way to express opinion.
I learn about myself, such as accepting suggestion and feed back, in facing the differences and in expressing my opinion.
I learn to think differently by changing my bad feeling toward acceptance and even a grateful attitude.
I learn to appreciate others’ opinion by looking for a win-win decision, even though sometimes it takes longer time.
I learn not to take for granted, and being consistent with my values through appreciation and acknowledgement of my individual talents, gifts, way of prayers, freedom in choosing ministries and classes.
I learn to share responsibility, live in community with flexibility, and without loosing my personality and personal space.
I learn to listen in a conflict situation, so I will be part of the problem solver to reach a win win decision.
I learn to talk personally for a personal matter.
I learn to keep the community life as my first priority and have a good relationship with all friends outside the orientation community.
I learn to be faithful through my ministry at Bonaventure House even though the participants in the Bible Study at Bonaventure House do not grow in number.
I learn that there is hope for HIV/AIDS patients, that they are not always dying persons; there is a resurrection after the death of Jesus.
I learn from my courses in CTU (Canon Law in Pastoral Ministry and Christ, Community and Moral Life for Spring) and Inter-Community Novitiate to grow in spiritual, personal dan communal knowledge; the classes help in articulating my experiences.
I learn to be grateful in my relationship with God, community, personal, study and ministry life, as God gives me more than I ask or imagine (cf. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”, Eph 3:20)
I have learned that I still have a lot to learn.
Thank you very much for all your support and prayers.

Ossining – New York, May 31, 2008

Linda AB, M.M. (
Let’s make God’s love visible
P.S. This sharing was prepared for Maryknoll Sisters Orientation Community Spring 2008 Newsletter