Sharing: The First Volunteer Training of Holy Family Church

More than 40 volunteers came for the first volunteer training of Holy Family Church on June 6 morning.  Ms. Liang and Ms. Luo were responsible at the registration table.  Our praise and worship team taught the song “为主来梦想“(Wei Zhu Lai Meng Xiang = Make a Dream for God,  Fr. Lu gave the welcome note and led the opening prayer by singing 为主来梦想

I led the training with the theme “How to be an effective volunteer?” based on 8 Habits of Highly Effective People.   I edited a little bit the power point of the program prepared by Fr. Bruno for a Putonghua workshop in Maryknoll Stanley House Hong Kong.  There was an activity, Bible passage before mentioning each habit followed by small group discussion and group report.   My tutor helped me to add the details of the activities on the power point so that it will be easier to be understood than only listening to my instruction.  I also asked one of them to read the Bible passage.   I read the Indonesian version of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People more than 10 years ago and I still need to remind myself to practice the habits. Details of each habits can be read at,

We had lunch break for around 45 minutes as there were still 6 habits in the afternoon season.  Fr. Lu gave the summary including expressing his gratitude, as usual, for my initiative in organizing this first training since the opening of the Church in July 31, 2011.  I led the prayer followed by final blessing by Fr. Lu.  There were more than 20 volunteers at the end of the training as several of them had something else to be done including going to work.
One of the activities was drawing their dream about the future of Holy Family Church so they were brought forward as one of the offering at the anticipated Sunday Mass.  Several volunteers were volunteering for the Mass while the rest went home.

Hong Kong, June 10, 2015

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.
Let’s do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible

Sharing: The Seventh Youth Gathering of Holy Family Church

Thirty four married and single youth, five couples, a boy and I went from Holy Family Church to Maria Rosa Mystica Sanctuary 玫瑰山庄 (Mei Gui Shan Zhuang) Fuzhou on May 28 9.00 p.m. by bus.   Fr. Lu gave blessing before we left.  It took around 13.5 hours from Shenzhen to the sanctuary including three hours rest in a resting area because it was prohibited to drive at 2.00 – 5.00 a.m.  Upon arriving, Ms. Lin assigned everyone’s room.   I discussed the agenda with Sr. Zheng before lunch.
Fr. Chen, who is working in Fuqing, visited me before the group and I walked up for station of the cross led by Mr. Liu and Mrs. Zhang.  Two young women from Shantou came by high speed train to join our pilgrimage.    A group from Handan was praying when we arrived in the Church so we prayed together with them. Sr. Zheng gave explanation about the Sanctuary to both groups and then we walked to the statue of Our Lady of Rosa Mystica and then had dinner.  We gathered in the class after dinner for self-introduction and ice breaking games, followed by praying the rosary in the chapel led by Ms. Zhuo.  Several youth expressed their appreciation for this pilgrimage and wish there will be more youth gatherings in the future.

I asked Fr. Meng through Sr. Zheng to celebrate the Mass according to the Prayer book prepared by Hong Kong Diocese for World Day of Prayer for Church in China.  In a letter to Chinese Catholics in 2007, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his hope that the liturgical feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians on May 24, might “become an occasion for the Catholics of the whole world to be united in prayer with the Church which is in China.”

  I invited a youth group from Fuzhou to join our program on Saturday morning.  Ms. Lin of Fuzhou led our morning prayer according to Breviary, which is available on the application of cellphone and then Mr. Lin gave introduction about their group followed by introduction about our youth group by Mr. Wu.  Ms. Luo read the message of Pope Francis for the 49th World Communications Day, while showing the closing Mass of Asian Youth Day 2014 in mute mode.  I asked Br. Stephen to translate it to Putonghua as no Chinese version is available on the internet.  Then the group watched a Putonghua version of short video “Look Up”             Mr. Liu led the small group sharing, followed by big group sharing including showing the drawing of their small group sharing.  I arranged their sitting arrangement upon entering the classroom so that couples would sit together and there would be one Fuzhou youth and four-five Shenzhen youth in one table and then two tables had the small group sharing together. I also gave short summary followed by praying together prayer to the Holy Family composed by Pope Francis.  Before having lunch, several of Shenzhen youth picked up holy water while several others and I had conversation with the youth from Fuzhou.  
It’s heavy rain around 11.30 a.m.  Thanks be to God it’s stopped around 12.30 p.m. and we left for Ningde, around 2 hours by bus, followed by 20-30 minutes on a van going up to mountain.  We prayed for a while in the Church and then walked up to pray and pick up holy water in one of the cave led by two sisters and a guide.  It’s known as Bishop Peter Sanz and Jorda’s cave (白主教洞 Bai Zhu Jiao Dong, was one of the 120 Martyr Saints of China canonized on 1 October 2000).   One of the sisters gave explanation about Bishop Peter Sanz and Jorda before going down for dinner.  We arrived in Xiamen around midnight.  
After breakfast, we left for the pier to go to Gulangyu Island  We were on the 10:30 a.m. ferry and had free time upon arriving on the island.  Several youth and I had lunch together and then went to the Church, which was closed.  We went back to Xiamen around 2.30 p.m.   We prayed the rosary and sung several praise and worship songs on the way to Shenzhen and arrived in Shenzhen around midnight.

It’s a blessing to plan and join this youth pilgrimage to see their devotion, their youth spirit, their joy, and their care for one another.  Mr. Wu did a lot of things before and during the pilgrimage including making sure nobody will be left behind by dividing the group into small groups and set up a group chatting in we chat which is still continue till nowHere is the link of the pictures (from several cameras and not in order)
Here is sharing from two participants of the pilgrimage:
这次活动我觉得非常好!因为前几年一直工作的原因,错过了好多好多的教会一些活动,团体的交流。天主对我们每个人的召叫不同,然而天主用特别的方式召叫了我,让我又能重新认识祂;可是我的信仰并没有多坚强,也没有多深刻的认识,所以我需要更多的去聆听他人的分享,以及亲身的体验;朝圣就是最好的方式。因为朝圣能加深我们,或者更好的说能够让我们寻找到内心的信仰。我一直都希望能去朝圣,因为朝圣真的能坚固自己的信德,加深我们对主耶稣基督的认识;因为我的信仰一直都在原地,没进也没退,所以我更加渴望;我感谢天主,让我有了这一次,也是第一次亲身的体验这次朝圣之旅,是的,我的收获真的好多好多。而且在今年我也有了更多的机会参加教会的活动和跟其他弟兄姐妹交流分享,这就是天主美好的安排。当然也希望能参加更多的朝圣啦! 下一次的朝圣之交流希望去看望麻风病人,在周六和周日。      

 天主的恩典无处不在,天主的爱时时充满着我的心,来到玫瑰山莊已经是第二天的早上10点多, 经过800多公里的长途跋涉,坐了十多小时的路程终于到达我们第一站,山莊的美丽优雅的情景早已洗去我的疲惫和劳累。我们找到了修女,在修女的安排下我们各自找到房间暂时休息。玫瑰山莊的招待所,简朴,整洁,每个房间挂着天使塑像,安静,和谐接待我们远道而来的客人。吃过午饭后我们稍作休息,下午330分开始进入玫瑰山莊天主的圣殿,此时我心情很激动很期待也很敬畏。我们如约来到玫瑰山莊的大门口,出现在我眼前的先是一栋楼房,上面写着天主是爱的字样。门口旁边有个块石板记录着玫瑰山莊的发展史、
回忆耶稣的苦难,我们走完了十四处,经过耶稣受洗的约旦河(大水池)我们也像重新洗礼一样获得重生的感觉,迈向教堂,玫瑰山莊外形是欧式风格的形式,庄严,美丽,肃目在山的中间,门前布满各种花种的玫瑰花,迎面清香扑来,使人顿时清新精神。我们有序进入教堂,我首先看到的是头顶上的大十字架,它诉说多少爱,多少恩典,多少人间的沧桑,见证着这里一个又一个奇迹,主,我爱你,这是发自内心的声音。感恩赎罪的天主交流的工具(祭台)呈上我们一个个祈祷,呈上我们的喜怒哀乐,呈上我们的生命。见证着爱在这里,在这里你遇到主了吗?领受主的恩宠了吗,体会到圣母妈妈代祷的力量了吗?这时我献上的是:主,我在这里,你来指导我的一切,我要在你内生活,在你爱内生活。修女带着我们祈祷,天主,圣母,这时与我们同在,圣母显示了自己,祭台旁边的圣母塑像后面出现了一个似手的形态张开手臂护佑着整个教堂,我又开始小信德了。心想着这又是什么,我时不时抬头仰望着,不敢想太多。 修女开始讲解山莊的来历和经历着各种考验,发展成今天的规模,修女说她在等我们上来的时候,她感觉到有一股强大力量从下面上来,有圣神一直护佑着上来,而她在教堂里面等的时候,也有困惑,有个意向就是等一下,等一下,原来天主都有安排,人不能随便揣摩天主的意念。了解山莊的由来,深深感觉天主的伟大,圣母的伟大,耶稣为了我们的罪过死在十字架上,圣母不辞万里,历尽艰难来到我们中国,把救恩带到中国,把恩宠分给我们中华每个子民,我们却怀着各种心态来回应天主的爱,还继续着伤害天主的爱,何等罪过。当修女讲解结束后那双大能的手消失了。天主要与我们同在不需要太多的语言,用我们的心神来领受天主的恩宠。


Hong Kong, June 3, 2015

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.

Let’s do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible