Sharing: 2015 Maryknoll Sisters Asia East World Section Meeting

          Four sisters and I left for Jeju Island on Oct 7, 2015 to attend our bi-annuallyMaryknoll Sisters Asia East World Section Meeting.  

There were presentations about “FAO and One Earth Community” by Sr. Teresa Dagdag, MM, “Korean Shamanism” by Dr. Hae Kyoung Koh, Ph.D including one day field trip to Shaman sites on Jeju island, “Vocation” by Sr. Lourdes Fernandez, MM, sharing from Congregational Leadership Team by Srs. Teruko Ito and Anastasia Lott besides open space technology and updates on regions.

The evening activities were DVD “Symphony of the Soil” (, simplicity night to celebrate our foundress Mother Mary Joseph’s death anniversary, and sharing the field trip experience.

Maryknoll Affiliates Korea not only joined part our activities but also helped the preparation and during the meeting, especially Ms. Monica.

Fr. Jerry Cotter, SSC celebrated the Sunday Mass while Jeju priest Fr. Emmanuel celebrated the daily Masses.  Each region took turn to prepare our morning prayers.

All the younger sisters went for outing to Sunrise Peak and Yongduam Rock besides a meeting about our gathering and collaboration especially in vocation ministry.

It’s a fruitful meeting as it gives me better understanding about our Maryknoll matters, Shamanism and Food Problem besides the opportunity to exchange stories with the rest of the group.   Thank you very much! 


Hong Kong, October, 16, 2015


Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.

Let’s do simple things with simple love to make God’s love visible

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