Sharing: 2017 Maryknoll Sisters Asia East World Section Meeting

I left for Honolulu on September 27, 2017, to attend our Young Cohorts and Asia East World Section Meeting.   Our sisters in Hawaii decided to join our Asia East World Section because their ministries are being with the Asian people.
Sr. Aurora and I visited Bishop Museum ( after the Sunday Mass at St. Anthony’s Church.  The young cohorts went to Valley of the Temples and Botanical Garden after the young cohorts meeting.
There were twenty-nine sisters from Hawaii, China, Philippines, Japan, Korea, USA and two Maryknoll Affiliates.   Sr. Rosario, MM gave a brief history of St. Stephen’s Diocesan Centre after the Oli Aloha, E Ho Mai and introduction of the meeting. 
There were presentations about “Hawaiian Culture, History and Spirituality” by Dr. Manulani Meyer and Fr. Alapaki Kim, “The Hawaiian Renaissance: how history, culture, language, and spirituality are being lived today” including making a lei from flower and tea leaves and watching “Kapu Aloha: Mauna Kea” ( by Toni Bissen, Mikie Medeiros, Blanche McMillan and team.  
We visited the Bachelot Hall, where the first six Maryknoll sisters lived for the first few years, at the Maryknoll School compound.  Maryknoll School prepared the Thanksgiving Mass of 90th Anniversary of Maryknoll Sisters' mission presence in Hawaii followed by lunch at the Maryknoll Community Center.  There were more than 300 people attending the Mass, which was celebrated by Mgr. Gary Secor, alumnae of one of our schools.  We went by bus to see the several places, where the early Maryknoll Sisters in Hawaii lived and worked. 
We had the opportunity to watch “Moana” (, “Hawaiian Journey” ( and “Ha Breath of Life” ( in the evenings.
Several sisters and I attended Sunday Mass at Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace and then went to Northshore Drive followed by BBQ at our Lanikai House.
Srs. Teruko and Anastasia, our Congregational Leadership Team, and Sr. Lourdes, our Vocation Team, gave updates on our Community Day, followed by the sharing of young cohorts meeting by Sr. Margaret.
There was English Hawaii Mass by Father Alapaki Kim on October 9, the feast day of our Foundress Mother Mary Joseph.  One of our alumnae Mrs. Olivia and her family donated Hawaiian meal: kalua pork, chicken long rice, squid luau, poi, laulau, and lomilomi salmon.  Srs. Norma and Abby organized simplicity night jubilee celebration of Srs. Cecilia Santos (70th jubilee), Liz Kato and Ardis Kremer (60th jubilee) and Lourdes Fernandez (golden jubilee) and also the birthday celebration for Srs. Joan and Abby.
The last agenda was an evaluation and closing ritual.  We agreed to change our name to Asia Pacific World Section.
 It’s a moving and insightful meeting as it gives me a better understanding of Hawaiian culture, history, and spirituality and also our sisters’ presence in Hawaii besides the opportunity to exchange stories with the rest of the group.   Thank you very much! 
          Here is the link to an article about the 90th anniversary of Maryknoll Sisters mission presence in Hawaii: and the pictures (mostly taken by Sr. Aurora) :
Hong Kong, October 19, 2017

Sr. Anastasia B. Lindawati, M.M.

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